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Sichuan Zotye Precision Casting Co., Ltd. is a restructuring of the original large specialization cast enterprises and investment casting of military enterprises, the relocation and construction of specialized cast limited liability company. The company is located in Chengdu Namdaemun - Meishan City Qingshen Industrial Development Zone. The company's new investment of nearly 30 million yuan, covers an area of more than 30 acres, the new plant a total area of 16,000 square meters and currently employs more than 150 people.
Relying on military enterprises of the original large-scale specialized cast steel enterprises and investment casting talent, technology, management and market advantage, still its leading product positioning: aviation, aerospace industry, high-alloy steel precision castings; utility boilers cement machinery and heat-resistant steel, duplex stainless steel, high manganese alloy steel castings; the valve class high school low-alloy steel, ultra-low temperature steel, ultra-low carbon steel castings. The company has an annual output of 3,000 tons of castings production capacity (of which: Investment Casting annual production capacity of 1800 tons, annual output of 1,200 tons of sand casting).
    Company investment casting water glass shell and composite shell process, sand casting silicate quartz sand and self-hardening resin sand process. The company has the complete production of castings and seizure, measurement, test equipment and facilities. Main production equipment: 1250KVA transformer 500KVA transformer, 2000Kg IF furnace set 500KG IF furnace set 250Kg IF furnace set Q378C the single hook Abrator 2 the Q326C covered belt shot blasting machine 1 105 kilowatts of 1300 ° C high temperature electric heating treatment furnace 1, 180 kilowatts of 1100
heat treatment furnace ,5-10 tons of natural gas heat treatment furnace, tunnel-type gas shell roaster; 20 tons lane 1, 10 tons of traffic, 3 tons of traffic; L-10 | 7-110 cubic meters of air compressor, to 3 cubic air compressor 2; pressure wax machine, wax materials paint mixer 1 set of units, steam dewaxing system; mix sand machine 2, ZD5 (L) -1000, ZD5 (D) -1000 multifunctional arc finisher 1, ZX5-630 silicon controlled rectifier, ZX5-500 controlled silicon rectifier 2 ZYHC-20 automatic control far-infrared electrode drying oven 1. Major inspection, measuring and test equipment: Shimadzu direct reading spectrometer 1set MY-1 spectral mill prototype 1, WZW-300 hydraulic universal test machine 1, JB-300B semi-automatic impact testing machine 1 set, DWC-60 impact the sample cryotank WC-2 electric broaching machine 1, CST-50 Charpy projector, 4XB metallurgical microscope sets metallographic polishing machine units, CYD-3000 magnetic particle testing machine 1, CTS-9006 digital ultrasonic flaw detector, the THB-3000D Brinell hardness tester TH-110 Leeb hardness tester, TT100a ultrasonic thickness gauge 1 SXZ-10-12 box-type resistance furnace HC-500 wall-mounted temperature gun.
   High-quality staff, strong technical force, a number of specialized cast steel enterprises and investment casting technology, production, management and key process positions of military enterprises skilled workers. Remains and heritage of the cooperation with domestic universities, industry, Institute for Materials Research, with strong new products, research and development of new materials and the promotion and application capabilities.
The company has a perfect quality assurance system and sound corporate management system in accordance with customer requirements, the international standard (national, industry, enterprise), ISO9001: 2008 standard, TSGD2001-2006 Special Equipment Safety Technical Specification to control the production process, dedication to provide customers with first-class steel castings.
   "Quality first, customers first", and constantly blaze new trails, continue to meet customer needs is our business objectives and direction. We believe in yourself, and a better understanding of customer dedication to provide customers with quality, satisfaction, safe and reliable products is our solemn commitment.
     The company firmly believes that: "We will do better, we will be with new and old friends
Friends of work together Zaizhuhuihuang the.

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